Victoria has been exercising her passion as a floral stylist for over a decade. Her floral style can be described as a modern take on vintage aesthetic. Wildly romantic and textural, even.

It’s safe to say, every design is a representation of her pride and pleasure. She enjoys working within a variety of vessels, paired with distinctive, hand-picked fresh florals and foliage. When the season allows, local and foraged blooms are encouraged. She adores the challenge of working outside of the box, and faithfully gives each and every floral creation her own spin. With Victoria’s creative eye and organic style, each arrangement is hand crafted with love. 



“At roughly 17 years old, I got my first job as a floral assistant in my hometown (Newmarket). From then, I’ve had a wide range of experience within the floral industry. In the shortest form, I’ve; studied landscape design + horticulture in post-secondary. Greenhouse growing. Worked in floral boutiques (all over Ontario) with a wide range of floral styles. Expat florist in Bermuda. Worked for large scale event companies. Wedding studios. Retail based floral/plant shops. Been a freelance florist, managing multiple design schedules & just about everything in else between. I’ve worked some jobs I’ve absolutely loved and others not so much. One thing remained constant, I was always dreaming of the day I’d have a floral shop + wedding studio to call my own. Over a decade later, here I am living in Toronto running a blooming floral biz! I’m thankful for my journey, but I was born with a sense of independence and an entrepreneurial spirit. – Victoria Keefe 

Photo by Magnolia Studio