As an entrepreneur and small business owner under the age of 30 – it’s always a treat to meet another like-minded individual. Even more of a delight, when they work in a creative field.

I met Cassaundra Overholt (Cass, for short) recently and let me tell you – she’s just the sweetest! We clicked right away chatting about the growth of our newly launched business adventures, among other common interests.

On one Sunday off –  I tossed myself and a cute bouquet of flowers in my minivan to head out of the city for the afternoon.  Oh, and I dragged my boyfriend along too. We headed to Toronto’s east side neighbour – Hamilton! Aka. Hamont. It’s the area where Cassandra’s upcoming photography biz is currently based out of. We met her just outside of Gage Park, which was conveniently located right near few great spots to stop and take a few shots. Just kidding – Cass scouted the locations prior, because she’s passionate about photography and building her brand.

In addition, to exploring some gems of Hamilton’s  – I had the chance to chat with Cass and learn more about her passion for photography. Be sure to read more and check out our Q&A below

Cass shot a few portraits of us – which were too good not to share!

Then we took a few lovey-dovey shots. Because, it’s no surprise a wedding florist (ahmen, me) would be the romantic type.

Q&A with Cass Overholt

1. How would you describe your photography style?

My style of photography ranges- I think. I don’t like sticking to just one style, just because then I find myself limiting my creative side. I try to branch out from portraiture to styled photoshoots to fun and natural lifestyle photography (family, couples, children). I do love to photograph in the outdoors. It helps bring photos to life, especially when you get to use natural light.

2. What inspired you to start working in the field?

It was a teacher that I met in high school that inspired me to pursue photography. She was always so enthusiastic and happy doing what she loved, and I couldn’t help but live up to that. So, I found myself enrolling in her grade 11 photography class and ever since then have always loved photographing life, especially people.

3. How long have you been a photographer?

I started photography in grade 11 and took a break while I was in university but found myself photographing shortly before I graduated my 4 year undergraduate degree. Now I am a professional photographer and strive to continue as my full-time profession.

4. What is your favourite type of session(s)? And why?

This is a hard question because I love to photograph anything that comes my way. I always find myself wanting to experience more and whenever an opportunity is given to me, I jump right to it. If I were to choose, I would pick portraiture. When photographing someone’s portrait, there is a meaning behind each photo. You can understand someone so well by just one image. It can be on a very deep level as well. Photos can tell stories. Stories of pain, love- any emotion really.

5. Among the equipment that you own, which is your favourite?

As I continue to expand my equipment and gear, my favourite piece I own so far is my Canon 85 mm f/1.8 lens. I use it mostly for portraits to create a soft blurred background (bokeh) and really helps deliver fast, precise photographs. As well, my reflector is always on hand with me.

6. In your opinion – what makes a good photograph?

In my opinion, what makes a good photograph is being true to yourself as a photographer and having a good trust relationship between you and your client. When taking someone’s photo, it is important to keep the environment calm and comfortable. This will help to capture those memorable photographs.

7. Where do you see the growth of Cass Overholt Photography in years to come?

My goal in the future is to open my own studio and simply have an established business. I hope to keep meeting new people and develop relationships with new clients. I find myself learning something new everyday and hope to keep learning as the years come.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Cass Overholt Photography