Well, I’m pregnant (surprise, surprise) with a baby boy! So exciting!! Currently 30 weeks, witth only 10 weeks until his due date. To document my growing baby bump, Silver Linings Photography Co. & I spend an afternoon in Centennial Park Conservatory, Etobicoke.

I’ve had two major goals in life – 1. Start my own floral company. 2. Become a Mother. At 30 years old, I’m living the live of my dreams! I feel so much love for this baby in my belly. His little kicks make me giddy. Watching all the transformations my body undergoes. Counting down the weeks until his arrival (T. minus 10 weeks). I never knew my heart could hold a love like this & I haven’t even met the little guy yet. Isn’t motherhood is wild?!

Fortunately, my pregnancy symptoms have been very mild. I’m so grateful, because I know that’s not the case for every expecting Mother. With my little boy in my belly – I’ve still been at THORN floral 5 days a week, executed wedding set up, late-night tear downs, client meetings & kept up with my inbox. I’ve also settled into a larger High Park apartment for my son & I to call home. Hopefully raising him will be as breezy as this pregnancy has been! One can certainly dream….

So what’s in store for THORN floral with a baby on the way? As a small business owner & single Mother, taking a maternity leave just isn’t realistic. I will be taking a few weeks off here and there (especially in the beginning) – with interruptions for wedding work & retail floral demand. Luckily, I have a great team that helps out at THORN floral. As well, I have a very supportive family who has graciously offered to babysit as needed – until my son begins day care. They say, it takes a village & I’ve got an army!

As long as my body allows, I’ll be in the shop until Christmas Eve. THORN floral will be closed from Dec 25-early Feb. Valentine’s Day will commence as per usual. Starting in March regular shop hours will resume. THORN floral is accepting wedding bookings as early as February of 2020.

Next year will be THORN floral’s 3rd year in business & with every year its grown. Even as a Mothers – my entrepreneurial spirit won’t be lost in the shadows. Myself & my team will run THORN floral as usual as of March 2020. This business has given me the life I’ve always dreamed of. THORN floral is not only my livelihood but it’s my passion. If single motherhood is anything like running a business – you can plan your heart out, but there’s still a lot of learning & adapting along the way. I’ve put blood, sweat & tears into THORN floral. I foresee a lot more it in my future. This new chapter of my life sure won’t be easy – but I think it will all be worth it!!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Silver Linings Photography Co.

MAKEUP & HAIR: Beauty by Sacha

CALLIGRAPHY: Pinya Letters

VENUE: Centennial Park Conservatory