Penthouse style dessert garden at $75.00. A lush, unique desertscape garden enclosed within a hand-made terracotta vessel. 

Each  dessert garden is custom built with assorted cacti varieties planted within organic compound. It’s finished off with natural sand, stones, decorative mosses, and seasonal elements.  Therefore, no two gardens are alike!

Every order includes a complimentary, hand written enclosure card. **Please include your card message and desired delivery date in the “Order Notes” field on the checkout page.**

Available for studio pick up (593 Annette St., Toronto, Ontario) or local delivery at a small fee. Feel free to call us (647.340.6066.) if you any questions about ordering.

Florist Tip: Cacti prefer a warm, sunny location. Bright light is advised. Water lightly every 2-3 weeks and allow soil to dry in between waterings. Cacti + Succulents thrive in hot, dry conditions. Protect from cold drafts.