In the earliest days of THORN floral, this world travelling model recruited THORN to rose up this sexy shoot in July 2017. It was just a month after grand opening (June 1/17). I remember Narley (the model) asking months before I’d even officially opened shop, “So, how much are your bouquets of roses?”-  It was honestly the first inquiry about pricing from our soon-to-be fresh floral market.

Once I got the shots in, my first thoughts were, “Narley, you’re a mega babe!” And then secondly, I said to her these shots would be perfect for Valentine’s Day promos.  (Typical flora-preneur – business ideas are always blossoming!)

This shoot was published on B-Authentique Online Magazine 



Here we are – 7 months later + 2 days before Valentine’s Day. I’m anxiously awaiting THORN floral’s first ever V-DAY. The pre-orders for pick up + delivery are piling up. My florist hands have seen better days working through my day off conditioning/processing hundreds of roses, other florals + funky foliage. I love what I do, so that’s what keeps me going. Oh, and maybe an extra coffee or two!

FUN FLORAL FACT: This rose variety (Name: Freedom) was sourced from rose farms in Ecuador, South America. Did you know that Ecuador is the third-largest cut flower export country in the world?! Crazy, but true! Ecuadorian roses have made a world-wide statement for their long stems, lush buds + excellent quality. Farms can carry up to 60 different rose varieties. These roses have travelled a long way for your gal to THORN ’em up for you, Toronto!

This V-DAY THORN floral will be carrying this exact variety of juicy red roses for you lovelies!

Let’s close off with an IG quote from the fierce + beautiful women herself,

“Nothing you confess would make me love you less.”

MODEL:: Narley Karikari | | Instagram @narleyk

PUBLISHED ON: B-Authentique Online Magazine | | Instagram @b_authentique

HAIR: Instagram @Sidiachin


Natalia Ancora |  | Instagram @nataliaancora

Call Me Bekki | | Instagram @Rebekamclean

Florist out! Time for some recharge for more V-DAY hustle!

Remember lovers, pre-ordering is important to guarantee availability! THORN will be freshly stocked TONS of beautiful roses, including this sexy variety!