Couples can plan their heart out when it comes to their wedding day. Down to every 15 minute interval – but you know what?! Life is unpredictable as heck! Much like who we fall in love with. You just gotta roll with it – And for this couple, that’s exactly what they did! (Spoiler alert: the groom was injured on their wedding day)

On February 17, 2018 – Steph + Conor weren’t going to let a little accident stand in the way of proclaiming their love for one another. A few weeks shy of their wedding date, the groom became injured while playing basketball – which resulted in a boot-like cast, crutches and at times, even a wheel chair.  Shot by talented Tamara Lockwood, Steph + Conor’s small, intimate wedding had a big, adorable story!

When I first met with the couple –  their undeniable love and support for one another was undeniable. Truly a perfect match!! Steph + Conor’s wedding style was tasteful, beautiful and totally timeless. Classic options for a warm, romantic celebration. Simple, yet elegant.

Amongst a very small crowd, Steph + Conor’s ceremony took place at the iconic Wedding Chambers of Toronto City Hall.

Steph presented a heart-warming request for her bridal bouquet. She wanted to divide her bouquet into two smaller floral posies after the ceremony. One bouquet to be given to her grandmother whom is still with us, the other to be left at the grave of her late grandmother. To honour this, you’ll notice two vases at the sweetheart table for each floral posy. I built her bouquet in a unique technique for an effortless division.

After the small, intimate City Hall ceremony, the couple shared a slightly larger celebration at Jump Restaurant. The floral details were cute and quaint – but just right for the trendy, cool space. Thank you, thank you, thank you Steph + Conor for allowing myself (aka. THORN floral) to share your love story with you!

photographer: Tamara Lockwood
ceremony: Toronto city Hall
reception: Jump restaurant