THORN floral opened up June 1, 2017. I’d been meaning to write a blog reflecting on the last two years – the ups, downs, learning curves & growth of THORN. And here we are – A month overdue and blogging on a Saturday night. Maybe that gives you an indication on how things are going… Busy, as heck!?

Leading up to THORN floral’s 2nd anniversary, I had the pleasure of hanging with the lovely & talented photographer, Emily Suzanne Harris.

Ever since my teens, I feel in love with floral industry and been day-dreaming about my own shop. That dream stuck with me through years of experience working in the industry. But what made that dream a reality? For starters – writing a business plan was one of the biggest leaps! Before I knew it, THORN floral had a space to set up shop. 593 Annette Street, Toronto.

My decade long dream had been achieved – yay! Business was blooming, weddings were booking up & the retail front was evolving – hallelujah!! But it takes more than a commercial space and fancy gold-leaf sign on a window to establish a successful business. It takes time. So very much time, devotion and sacrifice. Working well beyond a 9-5 schedule. Prioritizing your goals above nearly everything else. What I believe is largely to blame (or to thank) for THORN floral’s success is passion. My passion for nature, design and determination to kickass! Since I’d been dreaming of this role for 10 years, all the early morning and late nights were fuelled by love. And probably, a bit of obsessive tendencies too.

It only took 6 months or so before I realized – being a one women show wasn’t realistic anymore. To keep up with wedding orders, floral holidays, corporate events and deliveries, I needed to hire staff. I learned which qualities and level of experience suited THORN floral. While it may feel like I still work around the clock more times than not – I’ve also learned how to delegate and beat burning out. Business owners deserve day off, just like everyone else! Efficient scheduling is just as crucial as morning coffee.

I’ve gained an understanding that not all clients are right for you. Cus, client satisfaction can mentally mess you up! Never undervalue your craft or passion. Businesses’ got bills to be paid, but quality over quantity! Starting a business is filled with countless obstacles & fears. But I’ve always been an ‘on the front line’ type of women. I allow my goals to consumes me and only settle for achievement. Running a business can be unpredictable. Especially a predominantly event business – which is why you constantly have to adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the game.

So, where do I envision the growth of THORN floral? To continue to celebrate life’s moments with handcrafted designs inspired by nature. I envision expansion of THORN’s event capabilities, techniques and rental inventory. With each wedding season, the team is growing. More trusted hands equals more floral projects! I am aware of the harmful impact the floral industry has on the environment – I plan to continue implementing conscious choices and further explore better alterantives. Thank you for following along on this journey! Maybe one day THORN floral will outgrow our small studio space – but for now we’re happy and lease-bound for another few years.

Photographer: Emily Suzanne Harris